ME2 is the best one! Get ready to fall in love. With the game. And also with Garrus.

So ready. Born ready. Let’s do this.

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I prescribe lots of puppy gifs. Like, at least 15 gifs of puppies. Or Kittens.

in search of such things I discovered animal planet’s cute channel and I’m pretty sure a puppy named Tater Tot just made my day 86% better

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there are others but blue moon is one of my faves

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GROOOOOT! Meg! This is magnificent.

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More cowbell.

I need it.

rewatch all your favorite episodes and pretend season 3 was a bad dream

sounds like a really solid plan all around

i actually have the book downloaded but haven’t read it yet. idk it’s so weird.

it’s just hard to picture the witty banter and exaggerated facial expressions translating well into book form

:( but movie :) [also there’s a book??]

well I am really excited about the movie… skeptical of a book though?