I had to correct from Londin …

I feel like we’re in a really similar boat.


that was me yesterday spelling arthur darvill’s name wromg … ans apparently me now … but it’s 10pm an friday in London so what do you expect?

I wish I were in London right now

and that I spelled London as Lond just now and had to fix it says a lot about how much I wish I were in London right now.

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diva-gonzo ha respondido a tu publicación:texting when you’re tipsy and checking at least…

It’s past 5pm in London. *grin*

not quite here but close enough :)

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exactly right (her name is Agent Peggy Carter)

Sweet! That’s good to know. I really need to watch this movie…

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except Percy is Rapunzel

i’ve heard it both ways


except when you can’t remember it and fail your exam :(

except then, you’re right


You make anatomy look oh so fascinating. Please, by all means, continue while my stick people applaud.

it’s so interesting! :D


How long is your hair exactly? It always depends on how short you want to cut it, also.

ehhhh bottom-of-rib-cage-ish —> somewhere above shoulders

I mean, it’s not a big deal I just haven’t had it cut in a few years so I can’t really weigh the pros/cons of hair length with any great conviction

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Do it. It’ll grow back. :)

So true, I’m probably leaning in this direction… :)