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it's arrested development
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here comes the sun
Wine decisions are your heart speaking. (This makes some kind of sense, I’m sure. It’s a wine night here, too.)

it makes so much sense. if only it would be wine night everywhere.

sunshinedaisieswindmills replied to your post: debating on wine night

you should wine

suchastart replied to your post: debating on wine night

Wine night! Yes!

general consensus seems to be yes wine night and, well, I’m not hard to convince

Aaaah I love love love the colouring!

eep thanks

I was kinda wingin’ it so I’m glad it worked out :)


I thought, sure I’ll see what all the fuss is about and then the next thing I knew I was halfway through the first season telling myself just one more episode

I interpreted as the edges of the word ‘Tonks’ curving around his shoulder, because as much as he’s a Lupin, he’s also a Tonks :)

I would like to change my answer to this far superior answer.

Meg… what is the tat on his neck above the collarbone? My old eyes can’t tell above my stickpeople clapping at this.

it’s just shapes but shhh don’t tell anybody

honestly I haven’t put much thought into Teddy’s tattoos except that I’m a fan of him having them

Teddy is an 11th Doctor fan. Headcanon accepted.

headcanon absolutely accepted

raindeer-flotilla replied to your post: anónimo ha dicho:Do you live in T…

Nah we don’t. We only want Texans here. Anybody who feels to good for Texas doesn’t belong here.

Texas knows I’m only kidding.