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Rather than spam my dash, they’re all under the cut. Do with them what you will. Sorry if you didn’t get the request in on time but I have to call it some time, right?

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Anonymous inquired: "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." Thanks <3

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starlinks inquired: Would you do my name please? It's Rainbow. Thanks! :)

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cosimadawkins inquired: Always the tone of surprise :D

fidestar inquired: Your handwriting is so amazing! It reminds me of the Disney font! :) Can you do my url please?

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morwenandhercats inquired: do me?

booksthroughspace inquired: hey , could you do the url thing for me please ?

whispertohappiness ha dicho:can you do my url please?

i-be-queen-v ha dicho: Can I please have one? (I’m probably really late sorry)

percyyoulittleshit inquired: "Mari is the best and i love her" ;)

(true story though)