Anonymous inquired: I just saw the drawing you did of piper and annabeth with different body types and I just wanted to thank you so much. I'm kinda built like annabeth is in the picture and it was cool to see her actually resemble me after all these years of looking up to her. Thanks for being beautiful and amazing and talented 😘😘😘

That’s wonderful, I’m so happy I could contribute to that!

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Anonymous inquired: whoa fancy

only the fanciest

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Anonymous inquired: Hi! So I came across your drawing of Piper and Annabeth with different body types and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING THE DAUGHTER OF APHRODITE AS NOT BEING A TWIG! in all honesty that drawing is the reason I had dinner tonight, so thank you

And I’m so glad you did!

Good on you, anon, taking good care of yourself. And thanks to that other anon for making such a lovely suggestion!

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Anonymous inquired: do you have an opinion on twilight?


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Anonymous inquired: I feel like most people only ever draw the hoo girls with one body type, which is thin. I was wondering if you could try drawing them with different body types. Like muscular or curvy or something? Thanks!

have some sketches?

Anonymous inquired: So technically if Rick wanted to he could've made Annabeth the Daughter if Poseidon and Percy the son of Athena

I mean yeah, those are true facts. Being the author has it’s advantages. I’m slightly partial to the way it is though.

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Anonymous inquired: what do you think about a cute son of demeter growing the prettiest flowers and handing them to nico nervously? and nico's just like "oh wow... thanks... so... you wanna hang out some time?" because in my head nico is happy and a bit more cheerful again

I’m all sorts of on board for cheerful Nico. Kid’s had a rough time, you know? He deserves some cheer and sunshine. Although I’m inclined to think it’s more likely that other people ask Nico to hang out and he ends up awkwardly pulled along by his shirt sleeves most of the time.

flyingcrowbar inquired: Could you, um, never stop with the Mass Effect/PJO stuff because... WOW-EEWOWWOW

When I first read this I thought it said “could you stop with the Mass Effect/PJO stuff” and I was like noooooo but it’s so wonderful can’t stop won’t stop.

Isn’t it just the best AU? I mean really.

Anonymous inquired: omg paella is from valencia are you spanish?

no but I spent a college semester in valencia and the family I lived with made paella every. single. sunday. and it was the most glorious thing