Anonymous asked: "I can't help but wonder what Hogwarts teachers do in the summer. They must live in muggle neighborhoods and have to try to blend in. Professor Trelony defiantly owns an unhealthy amount of cats, but no black ones. Professor Sprout probably travels the Amazon looking for magical plants."

The idea of Professor Sprout going on international plant exploration trips makes me so happy though. Exploring jungles and rain forests in sensible archaeological wizard robes. Keeping tiny ink-splotted journals of her findings. Bringing back samples of rare plant species and hoping to cultivate them in the Hogwarts greenhouses. All of this makes me smile.

I also think some of them probably stay at Hogwarts at least some of the time during the summer. And there certainly have to be some primarily magically-populated areas where a few of them have homes or family members they visit or something along those lines.

But maybe just for a bit at the beginning of the summer holidays when the castle’s freshly empty of students they sit around in the staff room and drink whiskey. And they talk about how thankful they are that the Weasley twins won’t be back until September or how the house Quidditch teams will fare next year. Or about how nice and quiet things used to be before Harry Potter showed up.

Anonymous asked: "I finished the books.... and I started again. Excuse me while I reblog ALL of your PJO/HOO artwork you beautiful person."

Anonymous asked: "I LOVE YOUR NEW ICON!"

Anonymous asked: "As a fan of artists, I would say sketches tend to be some of the best art that I see. It makes people happy to see their favorite artists work and the sketchiness of a work adds to the whole qualities of emotions and ideas being portrayed. I wish a lot more people would post sketches. Happy drawing :)"

I’m a huge fan of sketches too! Sketches rock.

Anonymous asked: "Hi I wasnt sure if you were taking requests but i was wondering if you could draw more percabeth kisses?"

I’m not but I’m pretty much always on board for percabeth kisses. There are sure to be more upcoming.

Anonymous asked: "Can you make a list of your favorite Harry Potter fanfics? I really liked that one you illustrated, and want to read some more. Love your art, btw."

Hum. Okay, there are so many that I just can’t seem to bring to mind, but have a smattering of multi-chapter recs from all across the proverbial board:

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Anonymous asked: "okay seriously that's freaky, I just finished a bingewatch of veronica mars too - miss it so much already. LoVe foreverrrr"

Anonymous asked: "I wonder if an anamagi would become a ghost, would it b in human shape or as an animal? Or maybe they can switch?"

This is such an interesting question.

I love the idea that they’d still be able to transform into an animal as a ghost. I’m under the impression that ghosts can’t still do magic, but the animagus transformation doesn’t require a wand or incantation, right? It feels a lot more like a part of someone, of who they are, even if not everyone can achieve it. Sort of like how everyone would have a specific patronus form if they could cast the spell, but not everyone can cast the spell.

Anonymous asked: "What if Minerva McGonagall became a ghost after her death and continued to enforce the rules at Hogwarts? "Potter and Weasley! I sent your parents to detention a great many times. Don't think that I won't tell Professor Longbottom!" No matter what she would still be bad ass."

But her sticking around as a ghost is sad, yeah? I mean, ghosts have unresolved issues that keep them from moving on - tragedy or fear or anger. You can’t tell me she hasn’t earned some peace. 

Tell me McGonagall gets a portrait in the Headmaster’s office though because that I can totally get behind. Giving stern looks to the countless generations of Potters and Weasleys down the line, smiling privately at every familiar mop of fiery red hair or pair brilliant green eyes. Bad ass immortalized in tasteful oils until the end of time? Yes please.

percyyoulittleshit asked: "is percy the cupcake jackson birthday tomorrow"

omg I needed this reminder. everyone needs this reminder.