the facts were these:
it's arrested development
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here comes the sun
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  Anonymous said:
I agree with the other anon. You TOTALLY look like Molly Ringwald. The resemblance is scary.

fingers crossed for a breakfast club remake casting call

  Anonymous said:
well it's just that where i'm from we say both flicking and flipping. basically the same thing haha. have a great night!!

Ah, I wondered if it was something like that. Thanks! You have a great night too :D

wow you’re all so nice

thanks, friends

  Anonymous said:
i thought you were flicking a bird for a second. but anyway you're a cutie!!

pesky birds

  Anonymous said:
whoa u are so pretty u look like molly ringwald

well that’s a new one, but I will totally take it

  Anonymous said:
The Hogwards Castle looks pretty pretty good! Good choice of colors and nice effects. :)

Thanks, amigo.


  Anonymous said:
I notice you reblog some dan-rad stuff and can I ask you that if you reblog any stuff from that horrible horror movie he did ("Horns') that you don't tag it as danrad but just horns or horn: movie? because I'm trying to blacklist it from blogs I follow but I don't want to blacklist the other danrad stuff. (and if you ask why I think it's horrible? it's tremendously religious offensive (piss on religion icons) & misogynist (woman lead me on, she deserved to get raped&murdered)... so yeah please?

Um, sure.

  Anonymous said:
I don't know if it was because you like him or not (and if it is that you don't like him- just the quote Please don't reply to this) But if it is that you do like him, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who still likes Dumbledore and doesn't think he's just as bad as voldemort.

I do like Dumbledore. He’s a mixed bag of morals to be sure, but not, you know, the scourge of the earth.