Massive Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841 

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because is there ever enough of Annabeth in N7 armor

new theme :)

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"I know you think you’re complimenting me, but calling them doodles is an insult. You a big fan of Picasso’s doodles?"

it was just on the edge of scarf weather this morning


Lassie and Jules - Season 8

We have spent eight long years putting our lives in each other’s hands. I have watched you fight, I have watched you almost die.

But you didn’t let me.

That’s a two way street. I never would’ve gotten here without you. You’ve been so much more than a partner. You’re my confidant. You’ve shown me immeasurable patience, loyalty… You are very important to me… Juliet.

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Anonymous inquired: I never realized how badly I needed a PJO/Mass Effect AU in my life until now. It was fantastic!



Anonymous inquired: Hi! So I came across your drawing of Piper and Annabeth with different body types and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING THE DAUGHTER OF APHRODITE AS NOT BEING A TWIG! in all honesty that drawing is the reason I had dinner tonight, so thank you

And I’m so glad you did!

Good on you, anon, taking good care of yourself. And thanks to that other anon for making such a lovely suggestion!

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